Actually, a judge’s political beliefs are not easily imposed in a courtroom. In case you do not understand the concept, we elect people based upon a shared belief system, just as appointments are made. Ms. Barret has said she is not predisposed. Division Contact Information. 21st Judicial District Court, Division K C"Tommy" Frederick, Republican: 40 percent or 9,875 votes Ricky LaFleur, Republican: 36 percent or 9,041 votes George Andrew "Andy" Veazey, No Party: 24 percent or 5,926 votes Total: 24,842Unofficial Turnout: 64.3%, District Judge 15th Judicial District Court, ES 5, Div. Zoe, If anyone thinks you’re a clown, it might be because you accuse ALL protesters of being liberal Democrats… and rioting… and any other crime that comes to mind; and you claim that only “liberal” judges release them. 604 talking about this. It is just what modern politics has become, and it is shameful and truly disgraceful. District Judge Chris Carnahan. 1 talking about this. The single overriding fact in a judicial race is I don’t give a damn about your personal philosophy because it’s got nothing to do – or at least, it should have nothing to do – with applying the law as it is written in the Louisiana Revised Statutes. DJason Meche, Democrat (Unopposed), District Judge 27th Judicial District Court, ES 4, Div. I hope Republicans NEVER sink to that level of Democrat Senators and treat any person like that. That’s what we want to know about a judge – not some self-serving, brand of personal philosophy that’s not worth (in the immortal words of former Vice President John Nance Garner) a warm bucket of spit. It’s quite hard to impose your political beliefs in such rulings and if a judge is able to, belief me any competent attorney will notice it. Judge Abels. It clearly states one has a right to own firearms. Russell Beall. 020­25534799 2 Shri. You commented that she, in your opinion, is predisposed. Your identity will never be revealed. prev. NOTE: If a candidate gets half of the vote plus one vote, they win. P.S. You have some nerve to chastise us for grade school behavior. Judges. Candidates for judges’ seats in Division F and Division H of the 16th Judicial District take part in a forum sponsored by the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce on … Among the attributes he lists on his flyer: On the flip side of the flyer, paid for by “Committee to Elect Colt Fore Judge,” is the obligatory attack on his opponent, to wit: “Opponent William Dykes is a (gasp!) Livingston Parish: Phone: 225-686-7461. LIST OF JUDICIAL OFFICERS AS ON 24/08/2020 Sr. No Name of the Judicial Officers Designation Contact Number 1 Shri. ... Division Contact Information. And most people who post here hate Trump but will not defend their belief system. All these are hypotheticals, of course, but try placing yourself in front of a judge who is a vocal advocate in his campaign literature of everything you oppose. H"Alicia" Butler, Democrat: 33 percent or 5,038 votes Roger P. Hamilton Jr., Independent: 45 percent or 6,891 votesThailund "Tai" Porter-Green, Democrat: 22 percent or 3,410 votesTotal: 15,339Unofficial Turnout: 57.5%, District Judge 16th Judicial District Court, ES 2, Div. He began his legal career as a law clerk for the 16th Judicial District Court, Division C, working for the Honorable Edward A. delaHoussaye and the Honorable John E. Conery. IThomas Duplantier, Independent (Unopposed), District Judge 15th Judicial District Court, ES 3, Div. BTravis Broussard, Democrat: 28 percent or 3,342 votes Shytishia "Sam" Flugence, Democrat: 23 percent or 7,252 votes Valerie Gotch Garrett, Democrat: 49 percent, or 7,252 votes Total votes: 14,702Unofficial Turnout: 52.5%, District Judge 15th Judicial District Court, ES 1, Div. In our continuing series to inform voters of their choices for the Oct. 12 election, today we profile the two candidates for District Judge for the 26th Judicial District Court, Division B, which includes Bossier and Webster parishes. St. Tammany Parish Assistant District Attorney Harold S. Bartholomew, Jr. has announced he will seek election to to the state’s 22nd Judicial District Court for St. Tammany and Washington parishes. These online polls will close on November 3, 2020. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Just as a reminder here, we’re talking about a judge’s race, so why all the superfluous crap about Republican-Democrat, conservative-liberal, 2nd Amendment, liberal, and Trump? I pointed out then, as now, that I did not blame him as the Democrat Platform is defenseless. Supports President Trump’s initiatives to strengthen and safeguard our country. Judicial Circuit District Name Appointed by Notes; Circuit Judge: 31st Judicial Circuit: Division 2: David C. Jones: Elected: Circuit Judge: 16th Judicial Circuit: Division 14: John M Torrence: Gov. Local attorney Colt Fore has announced his candidacy for 21st Judicial District Court Judge, in the November 2020 election. The law doesn’t cite salad forks as the weapon of choice in order that a murder be classified as a murder, either, but it’s still murder. FB and Twitter apparently think so, as they have just yesterday elected to delete posts talking about Hunter Biden’s emails, which expose the corruptness of the Joe Biden; this is indeed censorship, and violates 1st amendment. Type in his/her email address in the square below and then click on “Sign me up!”, Got a news lead for LouisianaVoice to investigate? 19th Judicial District Court, Election Section 1, Division K Quintillis K. Lawrence. An aspiring judge and an incumbent appointed nearly a year ago are facing off in the upcoming general election for Clark County District Court’s Department 8 judicial seat. Of course it is. I don’t know either man, never met either one, but both have managed to offend me deeply so I probably will just skip over this part of the ballot. William Scott Dykes, a Tangipahoa Parish attorney and member of the Republican Party, is seeking election as district judge for Division D of the 21 st Judicial District Court in … Democrat in disguise!”. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal Judge District 3, Section 5A "Charlie" Fitzgerald, Republican 15th Judicial District Attorney (Lafayette, Acadia and Vermilion Parishes) I assume you think Justices Kagan and Sotomayor were not, even though Kagan worked for Obama and was involved in ObamaCare , and then ruled on it. No one attacked either of Obama’s appointees like the three appointees of Trump. Jeff Johnson. GCurtis Sigur, Democrat (Unopposed), District Judge 16th Judicial District Court, ES 1, Div. All that after castigating demonstrators for exercising their 1st amendment right. 020­25534799 3 Smt. ( Log Out /  Does that make you a hypocrite as well ? AMichael H. Landry, Republican: 37 percent or 8,928 votes Scott J. Privat, Republican: 63 percent or 15,064 votes Total: 23,992Unofficial Turnout: 63.9%, District Judge 15th Judicial District Court, ES 4, Div. DISTRICT 9. Zoe, I clearly understand the concept, probably better than you. But you seem to have already formulated your response before you actually read his post. Personal feelings were irrelevant. Borne, No Party (Unopposed), District Judge 16th Judicial District Court, ES 2, Div. It could also result from confusing the 1st amendment protection from government suppression of free speech with a non-government, commercial company enforcing their terms of service. A third candidate, Shytishia Flugence, got 23 percent or 3,342 votes.In Division D, there will be a run-off between Royal Colbert, with 44 percent or 6,485 votes and Amanda Martin, with 41 percent or 6,037 votes. Then ask yourself why the Republicans refused to hold confirmation hearings on Obama’s nomination, towards the end of his term. “Vinny” Lobello. PATTERSON -- Three candidates seeking to join the state judiciary for the first time each made the case for a particular kind of experience Monday at a St. Mary Chamber forum at the Patterson Area Civic Center. Laurie M. Pennison. You ask why the Democrats are so worked up. Even though I have no skin in the game when it comes to TV news, I chimed with my two cents by pointing out the law which says photography of proceedings which occur in open meeting certainly do permit TV cameras. Sessions Judge, Pune. District Judge 21st Judicial District Court, Division D Brian Abels, "Ernie" Drake, William Scott Dykes DLewis Pitman Jr., No Party (Unopposed), District Judge 16th Judicial District Court, ES 2, Div. As the sitting judge in district court, I have judicial experience unmatched by any candidate running against me. So Tractor, you are opposed to the 2nd amendment, and you are pro abortion. 21st Judicial District Court . A. V. Rotte District Judge – 2 and Addl. You can decide for yourself. Is this political ? Your are hardly impartial. ( Log Out /  Here are the vote totals in all parishes, as well as a list of judges elected without opposition. Barret clearly pointed out that each case must be reviewed based upon arguments put forth by attorney’s and that any ruling made would be based upon those arguments and existing law. That is not to say we do not have expenses—lots of them. The 21st JDC encompasses the parishes of Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa. You can’t run for any office without declaring your allegiance to the NRA, and your religion which is against abortion from the moment of lust to climax, and the wages of sin is death! Brian Abels is running for District Court Judge in the 21st Judicial District. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 21st Judicial District Court, Division J. Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Cashe . The three candidates for the 16th Judicial District’s Division F judgeship were at the Rotary/Optimist luncheon Wednesday. With Judge Martin Coady retiring, the race for the Division F judgeship cracked wide open. Simply click on the “Donate” button here and contribute whatever you feel appropriate. ( Log Out /  But, a favorable outcome is not guaranteed. Winners are in bold; run-off candidates are in italics. 21st Judicial District Court, Division E. Brenda Bedsole Ricks . Have a suggestion for a story? As I spent almost 30 years working for the Louisiana House of Representatives as a staff attorney. AAnthony "Tony" Thibodeaux, Republican (Unopposed), District Judge 16th Judicial District Court, ES 2, Div. I suppose the same could be said about a lower level Judge as well. KMichele Billeaud, Republican: 56 percent or 41,664 votes Kay Karre Gautreaux, Republican: 34 percent or 25,773 votes Glynn Shelly Maturin II, Republican: 10 percent or 7,624 votes Total: 75,061Unofficial Turnout: 64.6%, District Judge 15th Judicial District Court, ES 3, Div. Can anyone be more clear ? Do all democrats support Obama ? For over 26 years, Anthony Saleme has worked to improve South Louisiana through his commitment to the 16th Judicial District Court system. ", District Judge 15th Judicial District Court, ES 1, Div. Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. As for federal judges, they are appointed and presidents will nominate those with similar political beliefs. If that is how you think, and I believe you do, you are opposed to the basic tenets of American law which is based upon Judeo-Christian (no Muslim here) fundamentals. In Division F, it appears there will be a run-off. Tom, thanks! Democrats punish these people; Bork. Eric Skrmetta*, R. Judge, 4th Circuit Court of Appeal, at Large. Can you have any reasonable expectation of justice? FDavid M. Smith, Democrat (Unopposed), District Judge 15th Judicial District Court, ES 4, Div. How’d that taste coming out of your mouth? ORIGINAL STORY FROM ELECTION NIGHT: With all early voting counted, and most precincts reporting, several District Judge races appear decided.In the 15th Judicial District, several races appear decided:In Division K, with all early voting in, and 80 of 89 precincts reporting, Michele Billeaud has 56 percent of the vote, compared to 34 percent for Kay Karre Gautreaux and 10 percent for Glynn Shelly Maturin II.In Division M, with all early voting in and 80 of 89 precincts reporting, Susan Theall had 54 percent of the vote, followed by George Knox at 25 percent and Dona Renegar at 21 percent.In Division A, with all early voting in and 48 of 55 precincts reporting, Scott Privat had 63 percent of the vote compared to Michael H. Landry's 37 percent.In Division B, with all early voting in and 33 of 33 precincts reporting, there will be a run-off after all.Valerie Gotch Garrett got 49 percent or 7,252 votes, and will face Travis Broussard in the run-off; Broussard got 28 percent or 4,108 votes. Judgeships are special, you can change your political party to Republican only, because Obama was a Democrat. Karen S. Kovach. chief judge's order regarding court operations under covid-19 advisory. If you believe what you said in your post, I would hope that if you were a plaintiff in a lawsuit against a big corporation, your case winds up in the courtroom of one of those so-called liberal judges.