These readers now have unlimited access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks on Libby and their library’s OverDrive website. Fill out the online eCard Application now, if you are not inside a library. Through the Information and Digital Offer libraries provide quality information and digital support. The offer helps children and adults to engage and feel safe online. All Instant Digital Cards will expire on September 1, 2020. Sign up for an Instant Digital Card today and access our Overdrive collection without leaving home. Last year, public libraries and schools loaned 274 million digital books using OverDrive technologies and apps, a 22% increase over the previous year and the highest growth rate since 2015. script.setAttribute("data-height","250"); Just fill out and submit the Get a Library Card form to receive a temporary library card that you can use immediately. Previous Slide Next Slide. This “alternate ID service” allows users to connect with your digital collection in just 30 seconds by creating a card with their mobile telephone number. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our, Instant Digital Card brings new avid readers to public libraries, Resources for current public library partners, Your school + the public library = More reading, Find a library or school that uses OverDrive. 1. Analysis of Instant Digital Card (IDC) data shows that libraries aren’t just welcoming more patrons, but that the new patrons are becoming regular library users. Thousands of best-selling titles for adults, teens and children are available to read on your phone, tablet or computer. Their guidance has directly led to a simple solution to convert ‘readers” to “library users”. Instant Digital Card Instant Digital Card. }; FlexPay, brought to you by FlexSalary, is an instant digital credit platform that provides customers with a Digital Credit Card like experience. Replacement cards cost $3.00. Many libraries offer anytime, anywhere eBooks and audiobooks—but what if a new user discovers your library’s digital collection while the library is closed or they are out of town? (function(){ Want e-books but don’t have a Seattle Public Library card? 4. To get a library card, fill out an application and bring it to any LA County Library location along with a valid ID. Once libraries re-open to the public, we hope you will visit your local library and turn your Instant digital card into a full library card which will give you access to additional local econtent and physical materials. Instant Libraries are an innovative way “to have & to hold” a fresh and plentiful collection of great titles. On average, 5-15% of these libraries’ digital checkouts are coming from new digital card hol… San Diego County Library is now offering Instant Digital Cards, a service that allows San Diego County residents immediate access to its digital collection. script.async = true; This digital card will allow someone who does not yet have a library card to enter their mobile phone number and gain access to our OverDrive collection . Throughout 2018, libraries used this “alternate ID” feature as a marketing tool to bring in new readers through Libby and to introduce (or reintroduce) them to all the goodness public libraries have to offer. Instant eCard: Apply online for immediate access to Broward County Library’s complete online collection of eBooks, free music, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, streaming video, research sources and … Libraries can promote their services and benefits in a variety of ways but members of their community often don’t want to fill out a long form online or go to the physical library to get a new card. script.setAttribute("data-url","[CACHE-BUSTING-ID-HERE]"); When you visit the library to pick up holds, you may show ID and address proof to convert the Limited Library Card to a Full-Membership Library Card. We also know from our recent usability surveys that the more frequently people use reading apps like Libby, the more likely they are to visit the physical library. script.setAttribute("data-width","300"); Regarding the creation of Instant Digital Card, OverDrive Founder and CEO Steve Potash stated: “The service was designed under direct guidance and input from some of the nation’s leading librarians and, of course, involved our commitment to privacy. We will retain your card until you are able to collect it. Apply for a Library eCard from home. All you need is a cell phone number. Support & Services See other ways we can help. new UpASHS().init('636875757655104939-5c648f6bba2e540bac54ea34','5c648f6bba2e540bac54ea34'); A true win-win for both libraries and the communities they serve. script.src = ''; “We need to make it fast and easy for them to borrow a book from the library for the first time. In addition, library systems are using OverDrive’s Instant Digital Card feature to provide access to new readers. To borrow physical materials, please visit one of our locations with proof of ID and address to complete the application for a physical card. You must be 13 or older and have access to a mobile phone. var script = document.createElement('script'); For the last few months, we’ve been sharing success stories about how libraries are adding thousands of new OverDrive users through our Instant Digital Card (IDC) service. Cards are valid for three years and can be renewed by calling or visiting a library. As OverDrive has been at the forefront of patron privacy, including compliance with GDPR and the new California legislation, any patron can request to have any and all information purged. Digital Library Cards are valid for one year, and may be renewed by sending an email request or calling 903-364-2955. What we found is that IDC libraries have a growth pattern for their unique patrons that tracks with their new IDC card holders. Sign up to receive news and updates Subscribe, An initiative of the American Library Association, 50 E Huron St., Chicago IL 60611 | 1.800.545.2433@ 2009-2015 American Library Association. IDC creates a digital card in under 30 seconds, providing instant access to eBooks and audiobooks for new readers through Libby and your OverDrive websites. The following libraries appear to offer non-resident library cards for a fee to anyone in the US without the need to pick up the card at the library: Florida, Orange County Library System $75/3 months, $100/6 months or $125/year. No problem: You can now sign up instantly to receive access to e-books and e-audiobooks through OverDrive. For each of the participating libraries, we compared the historical new user signups with the number of unique new patrons after the “alternate ID” service was initiated in every market. The e-card gives you immediate and free access to these resources: OverDrive’s Instant Digital Card feature is contributing to the latter, providing immediate access for new library users to ebooks and audiobooks.'scr-636875757655104939-5c648f6bba2e540bac54ea34'; It’s the best in eBook and AudioBook entertainment without hassles. Sign up with your mobile phone number (starting with the number 1) We can see it’s being used regularly and we are VERY happy with the convenience!”. Torontonians who don't have a Toronto Public Library card can now access OverDrive, our largest collection of ebooks and audiobooks, with the new Instant Digital Card. Santa Clara County residents gain an eCard instantly. It’s another way OverDrive is helping libraries reach and engage more of their communities. GET A LIBRARY CARD You can get instant access all of our digital resources, including OverDrive, hoopla, and more, with a library card. The service is working. Not only is this OverDrive’s pledge but this is also the pledge of Rakuten, Inc. who is helping to provide OverDrive access to world-class technologies to protect and secure patron data.”. This temporary card is available to people age 13 and older with a Toronto cell phone that can receive texts. You can use your mobile phone number to sign up for a temporary card that will let you get ebooks and e-audiobooks through OverDrive / Libby. While the 160 million non-library card holders in the U.S. may have access to a physical library, many are too time-poor to visit.