unless you are the emperor, you aren't helping yourself by adding your provinces (other than your capital). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Become the emperor-, complicated by reformation and religious league wars. Once you form the HRE with the final decision (Renovatio Imperii), you lose all the bonuses from previously enacted reforms, but gain the bonus 'Rome Reborn.' It also makes sense that this is the case as I would never add provinces unless I was the emperor. Yes, well, you only need to add Rome really, since the other provinces won't do anything else than help the Emperor gain authority. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. Does having province not added to the empire makes the authority decline? This mod allows the holder of HRE to: 1. The last one, however, means meddling with the Holy Roman Emperor (HRE), usually Austria, which is a more powerful military nation than Venice, at least until 1490, when the Shadow Kingdom event will cause the Italian HRE princes to leave the HRE. Imperial Reconquest can no longer be used to form the empire, only after the reformation. What is he meaning with "it becomes a serious blow to the authority of the emperor"? Keep that in mind, Burgundy's strategy isn't dependent on who has rivaled you, but depends on who you target first. To expand into England,Austria and/or France, player should rival your rivals first and then decide your ally through that. 1. 1 The land that will be gained into forming the HRE is dependent on what nations supported your decision to form the HRE. This way you can declare war and utterly destroy the empire, otherwise one of the kingdoms might inherit the title if it still exists. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Dismantle HRE altogther and in doing so, grant independence to all the vassals. Navigate to your mod directory: report. Should I add all my provinces to the HRE? The Emperor is able to take Imperial provinces held by a non-member through the Imperial Ban Casus Belli at a 10% Infamy cost once the first Imperial reform, Reichsreform, is taken. To form the HRE, the player must be the Holy Roman Emperor. save. keep in mind that waging war for more then 10 month per 1 IA is not worth it, because you get +0.1 IA/month for being at peace. Leaving aside the question why you would want to do this (after all, larger subjects get higher liberty desire and only give you pretty limited benefits compared to owning the provinces outright) there is no other way to hand over provinces. Also do this either after they form spain and gb, or prevent them from tag switching since it removes their provinces from the hre level 2 Your starting ruler is a 5 5 5 strong but old king, so make sure you ahead of your enemy's military tech and keep the king safe. Religious state: At t… The extra 50% AE in HRE provinces makes the expansion in Europe really slow. As the Emperor, the player has the ability to enact a sequence of Imperial Reformsthat further centralize the Reich. 2. share. 3 comments. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. the Scottish Highlands) Adding provinces adds imperial authority and if you're not the emperor when you're adding provinces, you're not getting any imperial authority. You do not get 10 IA for adding provinces to the empire, that's only for when a new prince joins the empire. Wouldn't vassalizing electors give the emperor a casus belli? Grant free city status. Another thing that you should do is once the HRE has only 1 or 2 counties left select one of the kingdoms and type: claim c_"county name" example: claim c_baden or claim d_baden for the duchy. Features. Once you get your PR visa, then you are free to land, live and work ANYWHERE in … Remember! ... State / Province. Not changing this signature until tomorrow. hide. All the holder's vassals will remain the same. In Heir to the Throne they c… Renounce all claims on HRE, dismantle it and proclaim foundation of German Empire in her stead. Right. It's just a survey-type question to know which provinces are at the top of peoples' choices. Horde unity and razing. Update on Horde mechanics: Tengri religion update. In 1444, it borders Mecklenburg and Stettin and Wolgast to the north, Teutonic Order and Poland to the east, Lüneburg to the west, Bohemia and Saxony to the south, Brunswick to the west, and three OPMs.Brandenburg starts as an Elector of the HRE, eight provinces that total 65 … The main reason is that forming Prussia from Brandenburg is a natural progression in game. If all these provinces are in the HRE from 1490 to 1550, the … Brandenburg is a duchy located in the German region. The Cossacks. Any member of the Empire will be granted cores on Imperial provinces taken from non-members after the peace treaty. Once the Privilegia have been revoked any nation that has its capital in HRE either becomes your vassal or leaves the empire. YES, then click on the Add Your First Fence button below. After all, this is an English article and using German "special" spellings do not really belong here. Venice begins with the one-province vassal Naxos, and guaranteeing Albania and The Knights. Cossacks govt. So if you see that IA is close to 50, you can speed it up by adding your provinces. 1. But I hate having a country that's just partialy in the HRE, so I always add ALL my cores. And Prussia is a very strong nation with one of the best militaristic national ideas. HRE: Remove electorate. Can convert culture convert. You don't have to be the Emperor to add provinces; any prince of the Empire can do it, and even non-members if they are small enough and the Emperor likes them. Vassalize electors, get elected empereor, then add your own provinces to the HRE. This means for a while you will be unable to take land without claims, but can still conquer territory and add it to the HRE. Next steps. This does also mean that when the Reformation hits and if left unchecked, it becomes a serious blow to the authority of the emperor. I also suggest using the English spellings of the States (sans diacritical marks and umlauts) because they are a barrier to navigation. Firstly you can more easily conquer the northern part of Italy, without having to worry about the Emperor. Actually, right now I have Austria, Spain and France as allies. The Holy Roman Empire interface is a small shield (with a picture of an Imperial eagle) on the bottom of the screen (only visible as long as the HRE exists). With Bohemia as the emperor, I actually couldn't care less about the HRE. New estates. Can dismiss advisors. Can return provinces. Although a fairly small nation, it’s widely popular with EU4 players. A wise king could turn a bad condition into a good one. You can add more provinces as you conquer but this is also done with all provinces all at once in the HRE screen instead for one by one. If you convert yourself while most or all of your provinces are still Catholic, Catholicism should suddenly be listed in each province page as a red religion and you'll probably have Catholic uprisings all over the place until those provinces … And if you expand to say, Greece (Hint hint), having the emperor protect you when Kebab declares war on you, is always good. Set attitude against other nations. Conversely, if you plan to become emperor yourself, remove all possible provinces from HRE if IA is zero -- adding them again after becoming emperor will give you 1 IA per province. Most of the time, you would want to start a war … Zip / Postal Code. Each of them can be clicked on, which will bring up the Diplomatic interface to examine and interact with that nation. dark lancer (Topic Creator) 6 years ago #3. 2. Holy Roman Empire is a formable nation in Europa Universalis IV. Yes, there is. It doesn't matter at all which province you select in your application. You do not get IA for adding provinces to the Empire. We should keep the list alphabetically ordered to help in navigation, viewing and editing. You can only give provinces to vassals more directly if the province is a core of theirs. Other than that, there's no benefit or disadvantage to adding or not adding them. Holy Roman Empire is unique in that, it can't be made via decision on conquest but instead through the HRE Interface for the last decision. You can add more provinces as you conquer but this is also done with all provinces all at once in the HRE screen instead for one by one. As The Papal State. Btw with spain england and portugal, just conquer a snake to their capital, add all the provinces to the hre and return the province, conquer their new capital and they should become princes. New subject interactions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Brandenburg starts with 6 provinces in the HRE with only 57 development. Locate a dealer to purchase the right fence. If any province in Italy breaks away from the HRE annex them using Imperial Reconquest casus belli. Only the first four are vital, but you will probably want to assign any new provinces to a continent (otherwise clicking on the province will cause a crash to desktop) and area.txt is used to add provinces to specific areas within the game (i.e. Trust and favors mechanic. On the 'Imperial Mapmode' member provinces of the HRE are coloured in dark green, and the electors and emperor in lighter shades of green. So when you join all legible provinces gets added at once and a lump sum of 10 IA is given. There are a couple of ways to deal with it. Groogy, if you read this, please make yourself more clear the next time you write a development diary. As you don’t always control which religion gets control of HRE. See http://www.eu4wiki.com/Holy_Roman_Empire#Imperial_authority for more info on imperial … After reading several times through this, I cannot understand what he means with this, so do you get IA if you add provinces to the empire? This thread is archived. [+JMJ] User Info: kagster123. Dismantle HRE- preferred way. The province has to be adjacent to another province that already is in the Empire (a sea tile counts for adjacency). New comments cannot … Set places on interest. User Info: dark lancer. As the Papal State, being in the HRE grants you some well deserved handicap. How to use. HRE. Allowing the spread is one way of doing it, yes. The Empire can be greatly strengthened by preventing the Shadow Kingdom event, which causes all of the Italy region to leave the Empire.Preventing the Shadow Kingdom event requires adding eight more provinces to the HRE: Venice's Treviso, Friuli, and Verona, Urbino's Urbino, and The Papal State's Ancona, Romagna, Umbria, and Roma. Press J to jump to the feed. 100% Upvoted. Under the icon is a number which shows the Authority of the current reigning Emperor.Within the interface are a number of shields of various sizes representing members of the HRE. First he says, you get them and afterwards he says you don't get them. No HRE - A CK2 Mod.